How to Feed Broilers Correctly in Summer?

In summer, high temperature and high humidity weather can easily lead to a decrease in the intake of chickens. By adjusting the feeding method and formula of the diet, the production performance of the broiler can be maintained.
First, feeding time.
Avoiding high temperature periods, it is generally preferred to feed once in the morning or from 11 to 12 in the evening. Summer feed is easy to mold, do not feed mildew feed.
Second, broilers like pellet feed, feeding fresh pellet feed can increase the appetite of the chicken.

How to feed broilers correctly in summer?

Third, increase the fat content.
The use of fats and oils that have the lowest heat-reducing nutrients, proper adjustment of the ratio of essential fatty acids and carbohydrates in the feed, increased energy concentration of the feed, and improved adaptability during heat stress of broilers can significantly improve the production performance of heat-stressed poultry.