There are some precautions when using broiler breeding equipment

Many people often eat chicken. When raising broilers, broiler farming equipment plays a big role. Not only can save manpower and material resources, but also better raise chickens. When in use, it should be used according to the performance of the equipment.

Farmers should choose carefully when buy automatic chicken raising equipment. You can compare several companies and choose the one with high cost performance. Farmers need to build standardized breeding facilities in advance.




Before entering the chicks, the farmers must disinfect all aspects of the chicken house. This will prevent the chickens from contracting diseases.

The water line of the breeding farm should be checked regularly for blockage. Check the cleanliness of the inner wall of the water line and clean it to prevent bacteria from remaining on the inner wall of the water line. You can use a sponge ball to clean by water pressure or professional waterline tools.

Farmers also need to pay more attention to the installation and debugging of equipment. Ensure normal operation. The drive should be kept away from dust and high humidity.