Chicken cage manufacturers talk about how to improve feed utilization

Farmers who have many years of breeding experience know that in the process of raising chickens need buy chicken cage in poultry farm equipment manufacturer, feed can be said to be a very expensive expenditure, which can account for about 60% of the total cost, so many farmers are trying to find ways Reducing feed expenditure, saving feed is cost-saving. In fact, as long as the feed utilization rate is high, the breeding cost of the farmers will naturally drop. Let’s introduce the farmers how to increase the feed utilization rate.

1. When preparing or purchasing feed, farmers must purchase or formulate according to the nutrients required by laying hens at different growth stages. Only in this way can the body of the laying hens meet the standard nutrition, and the laying hens can grow Is better.

2. Farmers should pay attention to the quality and palatability of raw materials when selecting raw materials to prepare feed. If the feed formulated by the farmer is of poor quality or poor palatability, even if the calculation meets the nutritional needs, but the chickens do not like to eat, the same Without a good utilization rate, some feed raw material farmers with poor palatability can process them in advance and limit their use in feed.




 3. Farmers should pay attention to the quality of feed when preparing feed. Farmers should consider the hygienic requirements of feed when selecting raw materials. The raw materials used should be of good quality. Moldy and spoiled raw materials should not be used as raw materials for compound feed. Among the feed materials, such as rice bran and peanut cake, due to high fat content, they are prone to mold and easily infected with aflatoxin to produce aflatoxin, which damages the liver of the chicken, and can seriously cause tumors or cancer. In addition, we must pay attention to choose feed materials that are not contaminated by pesticides or other toxic and harmful substances.

 4. In addition, farmers need to pay special attention to the need to consider the relationship between chicken feed intake and feed nutrient concentration when preparing feed. If the dietary energy concentration is low, the chicken will increase the feed intake, and too much feed will reduce the digestibility.

 5. How the environmental conditions of the chicken house controlled by the farmer can also affect the feed conversion efficiency. For example, the suitable growth temperature for laying hens is 18-20 ℃. When the temperature is lowered, the feed intake increases, and most of the feed energy will be used for heat production, not egg production. If the temperature is too high, the feed intake will decrease.

6. Strengthen feed storage: The preservation of feed is also a major focus of improving feed utilization. If the feed of the farmer is not properly preserved, it will waste costs. If the feed is fed to the flock, it will affect the health of the flock, especially in The high temperature and high humidity season will cause worms and mildew.