Characteristics of stacked layer chicken cage

As farmers who have many years of breeding experience, choosing high-quality layered laying hen cages for breeding can not only ensure the healthy growth of laying hens, but also ensure the improvement of their egg production performance. Therefore, it is very important for laying hen farmers to choose a high-quality laying hen cage. In order to enable farmers to purchase high-quality laying hen cages, here are some characteristics of high-quality laying hen cages in Mauritius.

First of all, the material of laying hen cage should be made of high-quality Q235 material, because the cage of this material has high elasticity and is not easy to deform, and it is also more suitable for laying hen breeding.

Laying hen cages are processed by a new type of hot-dip galvanizing process. The cages made by the hot-dip galvanizing process have complete galvanizing, which is not prone to corrosion and rust, and has a long service life.

The cage spacing of laying hen cages should be designed reasonably so that they cannot jam the eggs or be too large. Jammed eggs can easily cause the eggs to break. If the distance is too large, the eggs will be easily deviated and the eggs will be broken. Therefore, farmers must choose a laying hen cage with a reasonable cage distance when purchasing.

The most important point is that, as a high-quality laying hen cage, its size design should be consistent with the number of chickens raised by farmers. Even if its material or other aspects have no shortcomings, if the size does not match the size required by the farmer, it will not play the advantages of breeding. Therefore, this also warns farmers that when purchasing cages, they must combine their actual breeding volume to choose the right cage.

The above is to introduce to the farmers, about some characteristics of a set of high-quality layer cages. I hope that through today’s story, farmers can pay more attention to these points in the future purchase process, so as to better and faster to buy high-quality chicken battery cages.