Chicken farms should also be ventilated in winter.

We must remember that when using chicken equipment to keep chicken, remember to be ventilated, the weather in winter has become colder, the smell in the house is much less than in summer, but the ventilation is also indispensable. The laying time of the laying hen equipment is getting shorter and shorter, which is not conducive to the growth of the flock, and it is easy to make the poultry farm equipment suppliers sick.

The laying equipment must be mechanically ventilated. According to the flow direction of the airflow in the house, the chicken equipment is provided with two ways: horizontal ventilation and longitudinal ventilation. Lateral ventilation means that the direction of airflow in the house is perpendicular to the long axis of the house; longitudinal ventilation refers to the way in which a large number of fans are concentrated in one place, so that the airflow in the house
is parallel to the long axis of the house. Each set of venting windows of the layer chicken equipment can be opened at three angles at the same time, and the ventilation is more uniform. The air inlet window near the fan is opened smaller, and the opening away from the fan is larger to achieve uniform ventilation. The opening and closing of the inlet window adopts a plastic small wheel, rolling friction, low resistance, and the plastic window contains anti- ultraviolet materials, and the service life is longer. The inlet window spring is made of stainless steel and is durable. The ventilation device of the laying hen equipment can be automatically controlled, and the environment controller controls the opening of the opening of the air inlet small window damper according to the pressure difference set by the chicken house. During the breeding process, it is necessary to use the chicken equipment reasonably and ventilate. In the sunny and breezy weather, the ventilation function of the chicken equipment can be turned on. In addition, in winter, do not diligently ventilate for the purpose of heat preservation.

Layer equipment features:

1. Stacked culture, the number of layers is optional, the density of cultivation in unit space is extremely high, and the feeding yield is large, which can achieve reasonable multiplication of benefits.

2, automatic feeding, drinking water, saving manpower, improve labor productivity, increase egg-to-material ratio.

3, automatic egg collection, reduce labor costs, efficient and stable.

4, the transport type automatically clears the dung, dry and hygienic, saves labor, can clear the feces several times a day, greatly reducing the respiratory diseases of chickens.

5, breeding concentrated, reducing the amount of staff in the chicken house flow contact, is conducive to chicken disease prevention and control in chicken cages prices in kenya.