What are the Main Reasons for Chicken Sickness?

We all know that the chicken attack is often a huge blow to the chicken industry. So what is the root cause of chicken disease in chicken farms?

1. Water is critical to the health of the flock.

If the water exceeds the standards for lead, mercury, arsenic or water, or the water is contaminated by some pathogens, it will have a fatal effect on the health of the flock. Therefore, ensuring the health of water is crucial for raising chickens.

2. Gas can also affect the survival of chickens.

In general, chicken farmers are more troubled by ammonia in the chicken house. In fact, the chicken farm must not only guard against ammonia, but also be careful about other
harmful gases such as hydrogen sulfide. Especially in the winter season, chicken farms are insulated for the sake of heat preservation, and the houses are relatively closed. At this time, harmful gases will accumulate in large quantities. In winter, chickens often suffer from respiratory diseases, sometimes caused by harmful gases.

Of course, there are many other factors that can cause the chicken to become ill. I will introduce them to you in the later article.