Important points of modern chicken breeding technology

The breeding industry has been making continuous progress. The farmers who raise layer hens have greatly improved their economic benefits than before, and the breeding technology is also constantly changing, making it easier and more efficient for the farmers in the Automatic chicken breeding equipment. The importance of modern poultry farming equipment technology.


1. Configure feed in accordance with nutritional standards: Many farmers choose cheap feeds to save feed costs, but generally cheap feeds cannot meet the needs of laying hens. Although the cost of feed is reduced, the nutrition of laying hens cannot meet the needs. It will affect health and production, and will undoubtedly realize an intangible increase in cost. Therefore, farmers should choose reasonable feed ingredients according to the nutritional requirements
of the laying hens at different stages, and pay attention to the quality of the feed. The feed ingredients must be fresh and mold-free, and pay attention to the feed. Storage.


2. Feed less frequently when feeding: For convenience, some farmers will feed all the feed for the whole day at one time when feeding the laying hens, but after doing so, the laying hens will be full. Let the remaining feed be wasted. Therefore, add a small amount of feed several times, and each feed should not exceed 1/3 of the trough. At the same time, it is necessary to provide sufficient and clean drinking water to supplement high-quality and fresh green and juicy feed. In addition, farmers can add sand to the feed to facilitate food digestion.


3. Scientific use of feed additives: The scientific and reasonable use of some additives is helpful to the production of chickens. The editor recommends that farmers add 3% to 5% of fat in the diet of laying hens to increase egg production rate10 %~12%; adding 0.02%~0.1% vitamin c to the diet can increase egg production rate by 4% and increase feed utilization rate by 8%~10%; adding 50mg/kg tryptophan in the diet can increase The egg production rate is 10%. In addition, adding bacitracin zinc, kitrimycin, etc. to the diet can prevent disease and increase egg production.

4. Control the environment of the chicken house: Whether the temperature and humidity of the layer hen house is reasonable is very important for laying hens. The suitable temperature of the hen house before laying hens is 13~23℃, and the humidity is 50%~ 55%, too high or low temperature and humidity will cause feed utilization rate and egg production to decrease. Laying hens can use intermittent light, 16 hours a day, and the light intensity is subject to the
chickens’ ability to see and forage. In addition, there is also the breeding density of laying hens. It is better to keep the laying hens in cages not more than 10 per square meter, but the breeding density in winter can be increased by about 30%.

5. Do a good job of compulsory moulting: Moulting of laying hens is something that must be experienced, but in order to reduce the benefits of laying hens during moulting, many farmers will choose to force moulting of laying hens. The flocks can moult faster without affecting the egg production performance, which is an indispensable part of modern layer breeding.