How can earn money by raising chicken?

With the vigorous development of the chicken industry, there are more and more chickens, but sometimes it is possible to make money in the process of raising chickens, and sometimes it is also a loss. If it is not suitable for feeding management, It can also easily lead to chicken disease, which reduces the breeding efficiency. So how do you raise chicken to make money?

1, Empty chicken house cleaning and disinfection poultry farming equipment

Disinfection is an important part. Except for the usual disinfection, there is also the disinfection of empty chicken houses that have been processed by chickens. The disinfection of empty chicken houses is a relatively large project, including the cleaning of manure, the cleaning of the floor walls, and the feeding tools. Cage and net should be carefully washed and washed, and cleaned to avoid infection of the next batch of chickens.

  2, The quality of the chick is not good

The quality of the chicks purchased is not good, and it is not easy to raise and grow up. Sometimes the chickens bought by the small chicken factory can not guarantee the quality, but the quality of the big chickens is stable, and even the after-sales service is better. Any problem can be solved in time.

3,Improper feeding and management

When I first started raising chickens, I was more concerned about whether the management was right. I didn’t care about it for a long time. I strengthened personnel management. If outsiders want to enter the house, they should change clothes and shoes in time, and then they can enter through the disinfection room. It is forbidden to borrow tools from each other, and all items entering the site must be strictly disinfected.

4, The treatment of chicken manure

It is inevitable that chickens are raised in chickens. In fact, it is also very useful to treat chicken manure well. It is dried by professional machinery and fermented for fertilizer.