How to solve the problem of broiler cage chickens do not like to eat feed?

Broiler cages feed is the only source of nutrients for chickens. Chickens that don’t like feed will become less meaty because they don’t have enough nutrients. This is undoubtedly a big problem for farmers. Today we will talk about how to solve it.

First understand the reasons why chickens do not like feed. Starting from the chicken itself, farmers can observe the feed intake of the chicken to judge whether the chicken has a bad stomach. If it is a breeder, the chickens can be treated. Farmers should be careful not to add floxacin drugs to the feed, which will cause chickens to dislike feed and drink water.


Next, we can take ways to solve the problem that chickens don’t like to eat feed. The first is medication. Breeders can ask the veterinarian to see what the problem is that chickens do not like to eat feed. Then prescribe some drugs to solve the problem.

chick eatting

Second, farmers must strictly control the temperature of the chicken house. The temperature difference should not exceed 2 degrees. The early brooding humidity between 60-70 is a good chick temperature. Too low temperature can easily cause the chickens to catch cold. Excessive humidity can easily affect the chicken’s eating.


Third, change the feed. Farmers observe the eating situation of chickens. If most chickens do not eat well, farmers should consider changing their feed. Poor feed quality may also cause chicken indigestion and reduce the chicken’s immunity.


Fourth, the farmers must provide clean and sufficient water for the chicken coop. Chicken If the chicken’s drinking water is dirty, the water temperature is too low, or the water supply is insufficient. It will cause chicken indigestion and affect the chicken’s food intake.


The above is the solution to the decline in chicken feed intake shared by chicken cage suppliers.