Tips for purchasing layer battery cages

With the rapid development of the chicken industry, the level of automation equipment is also developing vigorously, and the promotion of layer battery cages has been greatly supported by many farmers, and the situation of layer rearing equipment has also undergone great changes.

The integrated automatic equipment for layer battery cage culture is a device for large-scale, intensive and automated laying hen culture at home and abroad. It has the following characteristics:

1. Small footprint, high space utilization, easy to achieve intensive and large-scale farming.

2. The chicken manure layer cleaning and natural air drying make the chicken manure water greatly reduced, the chicken manure utilization rate is high, and the environmental pollution is extremely small.

3. Fully automated control, greatly reducing the number of operators, reducing labor intensity and increasing labor productivity.

4. The use of fully enclosed farming forms is conducive to the prevention of infectious diseases of chickens.

Multi-layer cascading layer chicken cage culture complete sets of automated equipment, chicken cage size has a variety of standards. Considering that the chickens have sufficient activity space, the average cage bed area of each chicken is 450cm2, and there are more than 5-6 chickens in single cage culture. The cage size is 600 rm (deep) x 450 cm (width) x 430 cm (height).

The size of the cage is determined. In the future, the planning of the cage bottom net is a very important issue. It is satisfied with the requirements of comfortable walking, stable egg rolling, low egg breaking rate and low dirty egg rate. This requires the density of the grid to be appropriate, the strength and flexibility of the bottom mesh should be appropriate, and the angle of the egg should be reasonable. The angle of the egg is 90, the egg breaking rate is less than 0.5%. The bottom net is made of high-strength, high-elastic high-quality materials, fully satisfied with the high-performance technical requirements.

The planning of the cage door is also very important. The laying hen cage door generally adopts a horizontal sliding door structure, which is convenient to open and has no running chicken. And to prevent eating, the chicken will be the first to dip. If a chicken wants to look up and pick up the material, there will be a steel press on the chicken’s neck, so the chicken can’t lift his head to pick it up. Experiments have shown that using chicken battery cages can save more than 3% of feed.