How to purify the environment of the chicken farm?

Nowadays, many farmers are paying more and more attention to the purification of the chicken farm environment, maintaining a comfortable and hygienic environment, which not only benefits the healthy growth of the chickens, but also plays a significant role in reducing pollution to the air and the surrounding environment. If the flock is grown in an environment where the ambient air is poor, the harmful gases are high, and the temperature and humidity cannot be guaranteed, its performance will not be fully exerted. So how do you purify the environment?

1. Regular disinfection: Regular disinfection of chicken farms using chicken battery cage system equipment can effectively kill pathogenic microorganisms in the chicken house. Timely obstruction and cutting off the disease transmission route to eliminate the source of infection, so regular disinfection is very important to control the environment. In addition, there are many kinds of disinfection methods. Farmers can’t use only one type, and they need to use a mixture. Also note that disinfectant drugs should also be used interchangeably to avoid drug resistance.

2. Clean up the feces: the chickens will produce a lot of manure every day. If the farmers do not clean up in time, the ammonia in the house will be seriously exceeded. Combined with carbon dioxide and so on, harmful gases can seriously affect the health of the flock. In addition, the cleaned feces should be disposed of properly. If the management is not good, it will cause pollution in the field and surrounding environment.

3. Equipped with some poultry farming equipment to control the environment. Now many farmers’ houses are closed. When controlling temperature and humidity and ventilation work, it is recommended that farmers can prepare fans, wet curtains and warm stoves to achieve the temperature and humidity of the house and the management of ventilation. Mechanized control can better achieve a comfortable environment and ensure that the flock can grow and produce in a comfortable environment.

4. Eliminate mosquitoes, flies and mice. The environment of the chicken farm is chaotic, and it is affected by dirt such as feces. The taste will be unpleasant and will often be visited by mosquitoes, flies and mice. These are good sources of germs and infections, so farmers must pay attention to the elimination of animals such as maggots and mice. Regularly place rodenticide around the house to eliminate the mouse. When placing the rodenticide, you should pay attention to the rat poison in the mouse hole, so as not to ingest other animals, the rodent medicine can not be placed in the chicken house.

5. Greening: Conditional farmers can also choose to plant trees, grow grass, plant flowers, etc. in the extra space of the chicken farm area, and can green the environment of the chicken farm and purify the air.

6. Establish a strict management system. Reduce the entry of non-production personnel and foreign vehicles into the production area, and the breeders are prohibited from arranging and messing with tools. Around the chicken house, it is strictly forbidden to dissect sick chickens on the spot. Outsiders are not allowed to enter the production area without disinfection, and all tools must be disinfected before entering the production area. Epidemic prevention supplies, including purchased vaccine packaging, must be strictly disinfected before entering the production area.

The above six points are the main points that the author tells the farmers about the environment of the chicken farm when using chicken cage equipment to raise chickens in Nigeria. It is hoped that farmers can make more reference to create a good growth and production environment for the chickens, improve production performance and increase the economic benefits of farmers.