The advantages of automatic chicken battery cages for breeding layers and broilers

The biggest advantage of the automated chicken battery cages are that it can effectively use the space to breed more chickens. Laying hens and broilers are the first to be used in the chicken industry nowadays. The following is a specific explanation for these two kinds of chicken coops.

 Advantages of layer hen battery cages

  1. A complete range of feeding, drinking and manure removal equipment can be manufactured to automate the breeding process and save farmers’ breeding time.
  2. Reduce the amount of activity of the laying hens, increase the conversion rate of feed, and improve the nutritional indicators required by the chicken body, thereby improving the laying performance of the laying hens.
  3. The laying hens can be divided into groups, and the laid eggs can slide down directly, which can effectively surface the onset of the symptoms of layer pecking.

Advantages of stacked broiler cages

  1. It can achieve the uniformity of broiler diet and improve the uniformity of broiler growth, so that the same batch of chickens can enter the market together.
  2. The activity of broilers will be reduced accordingly, so that the feed will be fully converted into broiler capacity, which can promote the growth of broilers and ensure that the broilers are bulky.
  3. Broilers often lie down and do not understand. The bottom net of the cage is elastic and flexible, which will not cause the broiler to develop pectoral cystitis and reduce the investment in medical costs.

The above are the advantages of automated chicken cages shared by chicken cage equipment manufacturers for laying and broiler chickens. It is hoped that today’s introduction can deepen the farmers’ understanding of the equipment.