How to reduce the late mortality rate of broilers

Chicken broiler in poultry cage system is to make money. If the mortality rate of broiler chickens rises suddenly, it is a big economic loss for the farmers. What measures should we take to avoid the increase of broiler mortality?

Appropriate temperature: The temperature of the house should not be too high, and the management should pay special attention to the temperature of the house. The proper temperature is that the chicken is evenly evacuated, the body is stretched, and some chickens are exhaled as an indication. When they leave the heat source, the breathing rate is too fast, mainly due to excessive room temperature, and the temperature is adjusted in time. In summer, the temperature is too high and the feed intake of the chicken does not rise. Therefore, the right temperature ensures the optimal conversion function of the feed, which is critical for heating in summer. Good ventilation: the main house is mainly ventilated, improving the indoor small environment, ensuring adequate oxygen circulation, ensuring the normal metabolism of the chicken body and the absorption of nutrients. Avoid using cold air to blow the chicken body when ventilating. In the summer, when the water cools down, the chickens that gradually adapt to the wind speed are not stressed, but the presence of wind speed affects the activity of the chicken more or less.





Light management broilers have a short growth cycle and high feed payments. For farmers, excessive weight gain is feed intake, especially light is directly related to feed intake, so that each chicken should drink enough vaccine should not be less. In 1 hour, but should not exceed 2 hours. Because the drinking time is too long, the vaccine will fail. If the amount of water is too small, the immune effect will be uneven. Therefore, the amount of water to be diluted should be properly uniform. The amount of diluted vaccine is about 40% of normal drinking water.

In the evening, when the chickens are resting, they enter the house to listen to the chicken’s breathing. Have you snore, snoring or sneezing? If you have any of the above symptoms, you should consider respiratory illnesses. Observe the respiratory symptoms about half an hour after turning off the lights and walk slowly inside the house. The correct procedure for chicken disinfection is broad spectrum, high efficiency, strong, non-toxic, non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-corrosive. Doors and windows should be properly closed according to the weather, climate and the temperature and air volume of the external environment to increase the disinfection effect.

The drug of choice for Chinese herbal medicine or Chinese herbal medicine extract. The selection effect is accurate and has no effect on the stimulation of small liver and kidney metabolism. Practice has proved that early reasonable control of feeding and ventilation not only does not affect the weight gain of broilers, but also reduces the incidence of intensive disease in poultry production systems in poultry farm equipment suppliers.