Why is the eggshell white?

First, the summer continues to be hot, the chicken body is difficult to dissipate heat, in order to accelerate the heat dissipation and drink plenty of water, and the feed intake in summer is reduced, resulting in nutrient loss and deficiency, affecting the quality of the eggshell and producing white shell eggs.

Second, the supply of vitamins, minerals, calcium and phosphorus in the feed of laying hens is insufficient, and the phenomenon of white egg shells can occur. Supplying sufficient balance of nutrients is conducive to the production of high-quality eggs by chickens.

Third, because the chicken is sick in poultry farming equipment for sale, causing digestive dysfunction and causing the absorption of calcium and phosphorus to be blocked, resulting in lack of nutrients in the eggshell. Therefore, the color of the eggshell becomes pale and white.

Fourth, epidemic prevention, external disturbances will have a stress on chickens, resulting in decreased egg production, accompanied by lighter color, such changes will not be long, adjust the environment, eliminate external stress, increase the amount of electrolysis in drinking water, white egg shell phenomenon Will disappear soon.

Fifth. The illumination during the laying period should be constant. Insufficient illumination, instability or irregularity will result in the production of white eggshells. Artificial light should be kept stable and matched with scientific feed nutrition to avoid whitening of the eggshell.