Technical measures for preventing hypoxia in chicks in spring

Spring is the golden season for brooding, but due to the changing temperature in spring, chicks are prone to lack of oxygen, especially chicks within 3 days of age, which are more likely to die due to lack of oxygen. The hypoxic chicks began to show signs of depression, screaming, breathing, gasping, stretching their necks, licking their heads, not wanting to eat, stopping drinking water, bursting blue hair, severe skin wheezing, blue feet, and finally falling to the ground death. In order to prevent chickens from hypoxia, the following measures should be taken:

1. Expand the area of the shed in a timely manner. In spring brooding, a house in the house should be built in the house and appropriate poultry farming equipment should be added. The housing brooding room should be appropriately expanded according to the age of the chicks to expand the breeding range and oxygen content.

2. Choose a suitable heat source. When the brooding is warmed, the power source should be used, or the heat preservation method should be used in the form of ramp heating. As a brooding room lighting, electric lights can be used, but it is best to use a squat as heating and warming to avoid the rest and growth of the chicks due to the strong light when the electric lamp is kept warm. Ramp insulation keeps the ground of the brooding room warm and dry, so that the humidity in the brooding room becomes smaller, and the litter and chicken waste are not easily fermented, thereby reducing harmful gases and oxygen consumption.

3. Reasonably solve the contradiction between heat preservation and ventilation. If there are more water droplets on the top and the periphery of the brooding room made of plastic film, it can be judged that the humidity in the room is large. If a person enters the brooding room and smells no smell, the air is relatively fresh without feeling depressed and depressed, and the air is dirty and oxygen is insufficient. When the humidity is too high or the air is too dirty, the chicken keeper should open the vent at the top of the brooding room and close to the ground to achieve the purpose of ventilation. There are more chickens, the air is dirty, the humidity is high, the vents with high temperature can be larger, the time is longer, and vice versa should be smaller and shorter. It must be noted that the chicks should not be allowed to suffer from cold, and they can take multiple ventilations a day instead of completely ventilating them at one time.

4. Change the litter and excrement in time. When removing litter and excrement, do not uncover all the coverings used for insulation, and also choose the wind and the sun, the temperature is higher, and you should quickly put back the new litter.

5. Spray oxygenating drugs.Peroxyacetic acid is a kind of broad-spectrum and high-efficiency chemical disinfection drug with unstable nature but can release oxygen and acetic acid. Spraying peroxyacetic acid in the chicken house at the right time can increase oxygen, disinfect the chicken house and neutralize some harmful alkaline gases.