The reason and prevention of the drop of egg production rate in layer cage

Diseased chicken flocks are often seen in the production of layer battery cages. The lack of typical clinical symptoms and pathological changes brings some difficulties to diagnosis and treatment, which directly affects the economic benefits of the chicken industry. In our long-term work and practice, we have found that such diseased flocks are often caused by chronic infection of an atypical disease, mixed infection of several atypical diseases, or mixed coexistence of multiple factors. In summary, there are pathology, management, nutrition and other reasons.


1. Pathological reasons generally. Decline in egg production and long-term failure to rise are mostly caused by some viral infectious diseases that invade the ovaries of chickens and affect ovulation. Sudden decline is acute, and chronic decline is mostly chronic. Those who do not rise for a long time are the ovarian dysplasia of some chickens in the growing period. If the egg production rate of chickens drops suddenly, it is mostly caused by atypical Newcastle disease, atypical avian influenza, colibacillosis, salmonellosis, and chronic respiratory diseases. The long-term egg production rate does not rise and stays at a level of about 80%, and the drop from high is mostly due to egg laying fatigue. However, the egg production rate is below 80% and cannot reach the peak egg production period, most of which are infections during the growing period of laying hens, and the treatment is not timely or thorough, which makes the ovaries of the chickens stunted during the breeding period, resulting in poor egg production. Or the ovaries shrink and the egg production function is lost.

2. Management reasons. Scientific management of laying hens is to effectively maintain and improve the overall quality of the chickens during the entire growth and development process of the chickens. However, poor environmental sanitation, poor ventilation equipment, inadequate disinfection measures, and ineffective disease prevention methods often lead to disease in the growing chickens. In particular, poor indoor heat preservation or uneven room temperature control during the brooding period often leads to poor growth of some chicks. These reasons can cause the disparity between the strength of the flock or the overall quality of the chicken flock. The greater the disparity between the strength of the flock or the lower the overall quality, the lower the egg production rate, and it stays at a low level for a long time.


3. Nutritional reasons. Nutrition is very important to the quality of chickens and egg-laying function. Scientific nutrition means qualified full-price compound feed. Inferior quality, incomplete nutrition, and malnutrition feed will inevitably lead to fluctuating egg production rates or long-term non-rising. Especially moldy feed can cause chronic or acute poisoning of chickens. Long-term lack of protein supply, imbalance of calcium and phosphorus ratio, insufficient trace elements, insufficient vitamins or destroyed feed will affect egg production.


4. Reason for prevention. Incorrect immunization can cause immune failure. It is common for chicken farms to regularly administer drugs for the purpose of disease prevention and health care, forming “disease-free antibacterial drugs”, and drugs that should not be used should also be used. This is not only easy to develop drug resistance, but also easy to cause atypical symptoms after the onset, leading to misdiagnosis. Indiscriminate administration of drugs after the onset of disease not only endangers the health of the body, but also often turns the disease into a chronic condition or causes chronic poisoning due to accumulation of drugs. This brings many troubles and difficulties for correct diagnosis and treatment. In particular, misuse of sulfa drugs during the laying period will reduce the egg production rate.


5. other reasons. The genetic stability of chickens, long-term climate abnormalities, excessive stress interference, and rodent damage are also reasons that should be considered.


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