How does the automatic poultry feeding system work?

Automatic poultry feeding system is a kind of equipment in chicken raising equipment, which is very common in large and medium-sized farms. Not only save time, but also reduce the labor force of breeding personnel. Do not need a lot of personnel, only need to operate the equipment, you can realize the equipment automatic feeding system.



1, The frame is made of good rectangular steel welded, with large bearing capacity and no deformation of the structure.

2, The walking power system is driven by advanced cycloid gear reducer, drive without loss. Low failure rate, and smooth operation, improve the efficiency of egg production.

3, The walking system adopts chain and sprocket drive, and the guide rail is laid with square steel, so that the walking is stable and the contact area is increased.

4, The blanking system of automatic feeding machine of chicken raising equipment adopts the design of core technology and is equipped with a homogenizer to ensure uniform blanking

5, The power distribution system is chint electric appliances, using limit switch, automatic stop at the end of the walk. We can also design various electrical control systems according to the needs of users.

6, The hoisting system of automatic feeding machine of chicken raising equipment is composed of flat conveyor and vertical conveyor. The system is controlled by photoelectric switch to improve the working efficiency.

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