Proper management can prevent laying hens from getting sick

In summer, the temperature of the chicken house is generally above 26℃, which will speed up the reproduction of microorganisms. In addition, chicken manure contains a lot of undigested substances. Chicken manure is easy to produce ammonia after fermentation, but also produce a large number of escherichia coli. This can have a big impact on the health of chickens. Today, poultry equipment manufacturers will teach you the rational use of poultry farming equipment to avoid laying hens sick.


First, improve the concept

After adding nutrients and health care drugs to the diet. Poultry farming equipment can be used for quantitative feeding. To extend the peak of egg production, but also improve the quality of eggshell, improve the overall quality.


fet chicken in livi machinery


Second, high-quality feed

Try to choose high-quality feed, high-quality feed energy, protein content is more reasonable. Rich in vitamins and minerals for laying hens. Suitable for daily nutrient requirements of laying hens. The growth cycle of laying hens can be developed to the maximum limit. In addition, the feed of hens living in battery chiken cages is the only source of nutrition. So high quality feed is very necessary.


Three, guaranteed drinking water

Some farmers have only learned that drinking water needs to be hygienic. But the drinking water pipes in the chicken farm equipment have rarely been cleaned. Usually in the waterline, drinking nipple, water tank wall easy to adhere to a lot of bacteria, the formation of drinking water pollution caused by pollution obstruction. Such a case can be regularly washed with dichloroisocyanurate and other disinfectants. In order to reduce the pathogen micro infection.


Four, strengthen ventilation

Keeping the air in the chicken coop moist and clean is also a cheap remedy for respiratory diseases. Usually should strengthen the ventilation of the chicken coop, ensure the oxygen content of the chicken coop air and air humidity. Conditions can also use chicken manure processing equipment for processing of chicken manure, in order to reduce the content of harmful substances in the chicken coop.