Analysis on the economic benefit of using different poultry equipment for raising chickens

The main cost of raising large flocks is equipment. Chicken farming equipment price in Nigeria is not a small expense. Chicken feed also costs a lot. Therefore, to fully grasp, avoid feed waste, in order to increase efficiency. The following poultry equipment manufacturers propose a few points.

One, reasonable ingredients. In the compound feed or feed of choose and buy when farmers should be different egg chicken growth stage to choose the appropriate feed formula, in the selection of materials, use local materials, as far as possible choose nutritious and cheap raw material, raw material variety, to ensure that the nutrition is perfect, when necessary supplementary feed additives, in short, to feed not only meet nutritional standards, Meet the growth and production needs of chicken, and palatability strong, low price.

Two, feed less frequently add. Many farmers for the sake of brevity and then feed the one-time add all-day feeding to the feeder, it is wrong to do so, such already can make chicken group waste feed, feed and long time affected by the air and water pollution can lead to metamorphic chicken group health, farmers the right feeding method should be fed less frequently, more less feed every time, Wait until the empty tank for more than ten minutes for feeding, which can save costs and increase the appetite of the chickens.



Three, master the amount of feeding. The feed intake of chickens is naturally different at different growth stages, so farmers should pay attention to record and observe more and adjust the feed amount in time.

  1. Feed an appropriate amount of gravel once every 7 days. Gravel is for the growth of chickens is very good, farmers to chickens timely supplement feeding gravel is conducive to the grinding of feed in the muscle stomach, play the role of “teeth”, help digestion and absorption, compared with no supplement feeding gravel to improve the digestibility of 3% to 8%.

Five, timely debeaking. In order to reduce the occurrence of cutting habit among flocks and reduce the phenomenon of waste of feed caused by too long beak, The small series suggests that the farmers should debeak the chickens from 7 days to 9 days of age, and pay attention to the correct method of debeak. Anti-stress drugs can be fed to the chickens a few days before debeak.

Six, the purchase of durable chicken coop, water trough. Coop, water trough is strong structure is reasonable for the growth of chickens and feeding work is very important, so farmers must pay attention to the purchase of chicken coop equipment in all aspects of the quality and structure, the use of the process should also be checked frequently, to ensure that there is often water in the tank, and no leakage, no overflow, Find problems timely repair, avoid water into the feed tank, resulting in acid deterioration of feed.

  1. Feed storage. The preservation of feed is also a key to reducing feeding costs. Feed and raw materials should be stored in a room without leakage, humidity, dry and ventilation to prevent mildew and deterioration. Feed for 5 ~ 7 days at a time to prevent nutrient loss in feed.

The above content is the poultry equipment supplier for farmers about the process of cage chicken, some feeding precautions, only in the usual feeding work to do well, do fine, can better save the cost of raising, efficient breeding hens.