If you want to raise broilers, you must pay attention to these “small problems”

There are many chicken farmers in reality, but for many novices who raise chickens, they want to know how to improve the economic benefits. Here is one point to suggest to everyone: if you want to really raise chickens, you must start small problems. Start, carefully and meticulously do every job.

 One, group breeding

The sexes of male and female broilers are different, and their physiological basis is also different, so the requirements and responses to the environment and nutritional conditions are also different. For example, the growth rate of roosters is fast, while the growth rate of hens is slow. The weight difference between 56 days is about 27%; the body weight growth rate of the roosters decreases after 8 weeks of age, while the body weight growth rate of the hens decreases after 7 weeks of age. According to economic benefits Should be listed separately. Therefore, broiler chickens are best raised in male and female groups. After male and female groups are divided into groups, the diet level can be adjusted separately to better improve feed utilization in Chicken Battery Farm Equipment For Sale

Two. Material restriction and water control

In order to prevent the broiler from growing too fast, the feed can be properly controlled before the age of 20 days to prevent the occurrence of nutritional and metabolic diseases such as broiler ascites syndrome and sudden death syndrome. In the later stage, 1-2% garlic can be added to the feed, which can prevent enteritis and promote feeding, and appropriately shorten the feeding days. During the onset of chickens, when treating systemic septic diseases such as colibacillosis, viral diseases, coccidiosis, etc., water can be controlled for 0.5-2 hours before medication. In addition, when the chickens are immunized with drinking water, the water can be controlled for 2-4 hours. Of course, the length of the water control time should also refer to the age, season, growth condition of the chicken, and the half-life of the drug.




Three, change the material

 Too fast broiler changes will cause diarrhea in broilers, cause dehydration of the body, increase the ratio of feed to meat, and even cause disease. The “transitional refueling method” is now introduced as follows: Suppose A is the pre-feed and B is the post-feed. The two respectively include feeds of different periods or different batches.

The first method: 2/3 of A material plus 1/3 of B material mixed and fed for 1-2 days; 1/2 of A material plus 1/2 of B material mixed and fed for 1-2 days; 1/3 The feed A plus 2/3 feed B is mixed and fed for 1-2 days, and then feed B is fully fed.

The second method: 2/3 of A material plus 1/3 of B material mixed and fed for 2-3 days; 1/3 of A material plus 2/3 of B material mixed and fed for 2-3 days, and then fed all Material B.

The third method: 1/2 feed A plus 1/2 feed B mixed feeding for 3-7 days, and then feed all B feed.

Feeding with transitional feed is one of the ways to reduce the stress of refueling.

 Four, environmental control system

 With the extension of time for raising chickens in chicken houses, environmental pollution has become more and more serious. If you do not pay attention to environmental governance, it will eventually seriously threaten the health of commercial chickens. Therefore, chicken farms must pay attention to environmental governance, especially the harmless treatment of sewage, chicken manure, eliminated chickens, and sick and dead chickens. While paying attention to
environmental governance, attention should also be paid to the control of the environment inside and outside the chicken house. Factors such as temperature, humidity, light, ventilation, density, dust and microbial content in the house will affect the growth and development of broilers. In addition, many infectious diseases of chickens can be spread through the air. Therefore, spray disinfection of chickens inside and outside the chicken house has become a sanitary and
epidemic prevention measure that must be adhered to in many chicken farms.

 If you want to raise a good broiler, it doesn’t matter, you should do everything else strictly.