Why the Eggshell Will Become White?

In daily life, we will find that some eggs will have white shells. So why did this happen? Today, I will give you the reason why the eggshell is white.
First, the chicken feed in vitamins, minerals, especially calcium and phosphorus deficiency, can occur egg white phenomenon, the most common is the hen in the early stages of production.
Solution: Adding VA, VD, VE, VC, and amino acids to the feed can significantly improve the color of the eggshell.

why the eggshell will become white?

Second, stress white eggshell. Epidemic prevention, external disturbances, etc. will cause chickens to produce a stress response, resulting in decreased egg production rate, accompanied by lighter eggshell color. This kind of change lasts for a short period of time. When measures are taken to improve the environment, supplement drinking water, and other measures, the white egg shell phenomenon will soon disappear.