What are the most ignore taboos when raising chickens?

First, should not suddenly change fodder.
When many egg-laying chicken specialists heard about how good a feed was, they immediately used the new feed. As a result, the egg production rate not only did not increase, but continued to decline. The reason is that chickens have a habit of eating feed. If they are suddenly changed, they will affect the appetite and egg production of chickens.

Second, not anal mop.
Some chicken farmers are accustomed to inserting their hands into the chicken’s anus and it is unscientific to do so. Because the fingers are not hygienic, it is easy to bring the bacteria to the chicken, causing local inflammation, redness, rupture, prolapse and other symptoms.

Third, should not feed raw materials.
Some chicken farmers are accustomed to feeding chickens with raw grains such as corn or rice, beans, etc. This will not only reduce feed utilization but also harm chickens. Should be crushed after the original grain according to the formula with bran, bean cake, bone meal, lime powder and then feed.

We all know that keeping chickens is not easy, so chicken farmers are not only going to spend a lot of energy and physical strength, but also need to have some knowledge of chicken farming techniques.