How to raise hens in summer?

  1. Expand the door and window of the chicken farming equipment and the roof skylight to make full use of the natural wind to cool down.

2. After having a certain wind speed in the house, it is possible to spray the water in the house and use the evaporation of the water to reduce the temperature. It is worth noting that in the case of low wind speed in the house, it is forbidden to spray and cool down. At this time, the spray is not conducive to the body heat dissipation of the chicken.

3. Install the wet curtain by longitudinal ventilation to ensure the safety of the chickens in summer.

4. Let the chicken drink cold water, and the lower temperature drinking water can reduce the heat stress of the chicken.

5. Change the feeding time and increase the feeding frequency to increase the feed intake of the chicken.
6. Improve the nutrient concentration of the breeder diet, reduce energy, and increase the amount of amino acids and vitamins added. Vitamin C can be added to drinking water. The recommended dosage is 10 g/kg.

7. Add 0.1-1% sodium bicarbonate or 0.2-0.3% ammonium chloride to the diet to maintain the acid-base balance in the chicken and relieve heat stress.

8. Every day, the house insists on removing feces, sewage, and debris to prevent it from producing heat in the house.

9. When the nurses observe, feed, supply water, clean, and pick eggs, the action should be light, keep the house quiet, and prevent the rough and frightened chickens from causing stress.

10. When the flock is breathing due to high heat, take emergency measures to spray the chicken’s head with water to help dissipate heat, so that the breathing can be stopped quickly and the occurrence of hot fainting can be prevented.