Questions that farmers should consider when buying battery chicken cages

With the improvement of living standards, people have more and more demand for chicken products. Battery chicken cages have been favored by many farmers by raising chickens in multiple layers, so what issues should be considered when buy battery chicken cages?

How to choose the right material?

1 The most important point is the choice of layer cage material. Farmers should pay attention to whether the steel wire of the layer cage is tough when observing. The layer cage with better toughness will not scratch or damage the layer.

2 At present, the process of making layer cages on the market is divided into two major parts: hot-dip galvanizing and cold galvanizing. Hot-dip galvanizing is better and has a longer use time. Hot-dip galvanizing is corrosion-resistant and can be used for 15-20 Cold galvanizing can be used for about ten years or so. Cold galvanizing is certainly cheaper than hot galvanizing. Therefore, farmers can consider the process of layer cages according to their own needs and the number of years they want to raise chickens.

Do you need the assistance of automated chicken raising equipment?

Automatic chicken farming is popular in the chicken industry now, so when choosing the size of the battery cage, farmers should consider whether or not to install automatic chicken raising equipment to assist in raising the chickens. If you choose the size of the layer cage, you must choose according to the area occupied by the automatic poultry equipment. Design and transformation and other services.

Which chicken cage is suitable at what stage?

Poultry equipment supplier can choose brooding cages and laying cages for two stages of breeding, and brooding cages, breeding cages and laying cages for three stages of breeding. 1. Durable and not easy to corrode, the structure is stable. 2. The selection of the chicken cage factory generally chooses the ladder structure. Conducive to egg collection. 3. In the third stage of the chicken cage factory, flat-bottomed cages are selected for the brooding stage, and inclined-bottomed cages are selected for the laying stage. A vertical cage is recommended for brooding cages. 4. When the chicken cage factory adopts three-stage breeding. Choose small cages for growing and laying hens.