The basic law of using automatic poultry raising equipment to raise chickens efficiently

In order to obtain good benefits in the process of raising chickens and achieve high-efficiency chicken raising, farmers must master modern, scientific and reasonable chicken raising techniques. Only the growth and production characteristics of the chicken flock, feeding points, feeding and epidemic prevention, etc. If the work can be properly mastered, the chickens can play a good growth and production performance, so that the farmers can obtain better benefits. In order to help farmers avoid detours in breeding, here are some basic principles and key points of efficient chicken breeding.

Use automatic poultry chicken raising equipment for intensive farming. Farmers should put the management of the chicken house in an important position, whether it is the management of the chicken house or the management of the chicken house environment.

Ensure that the chickens are healthy. Only this can allow the chickens to perform their due production performance. Therefore, the farmers must keep the chickens healthy during the breeding process, prevent epidemics in place, and strictly carry out disinfection of the chickens when they enter the pen and leave the slaughter.

Reasonable temperature and humidity. Chicken flocks have high requirements for the environment. Farmers can use the automatic environmental control system to manage the temperature and humidity of the chicken house reasonably, and promote the growth of chickens in a suitable environment.

For chickens to grow well, farmers need to work hard in many ways. But using automated poultry-raising equipment to raise chickens, farmers can easily manage more than 10,000 chickens.