Ventilation methods for modern poultry farms

In order to ensure the normal operation of the chicken farm and provide a good living environment for the chickens, automatic poultry farming equipment supplier suggest that everyone should pay attention to the ventilation of the chicken farm.

Generally speaking, manufacturers of automated chicken farming equipment believe that closed management methods are generally adopted in chicken farms equipped with chicken farming equipment. The ventilation work is also mainly carried out by mechanical ventilation. According to the airflow direction in the chicken farm, the chicken farm The ventilation mode can be divided into two types: vertical and horizontal.

The staff of the automatic poultry farming equipment manufacturer explained that the so-called horizontal ventilation method mainly refers to the vertical state of the airflow direction in the house and the installation long axis of the breeding equipment in the chicken house; while the longitudinal ventilation mainly refers to the a large number of fans are centrally placed in one place, so that the airflow in the house is parallel to the long axis of the equipment in the chicken house.

After practice and observation, manufacturers of automatic chicken farming equipment have found that longitudinal ventilation is more common among these two ventilation methods, and it can also overcome the phenomenon of low or uneven ventilation speed in the house during horizontal ventilation, which is very popular for breeding. Welcome to the household.