Maintenance of chicken farming equipmet

With the continuous development of aquaculture, chicken farming equipment has become a common equipment in chicken farms today, replacing the traditional artificial breeding era.



Although this has greatly improved the efficiency of breeding work, it is inevitable that some problems will occur in the process of use. In order to avoid the occurrence of failures, it is necessary to maintain the chicken raising equipment. What are the maintenance works of chicken farming equipment? Let’s share it with you briefly, hoping to help you.

  1. Chicken raising equipment must work in strict accordance with safety operation procedures, and cannot be overloaded. It is necessary to ensure the safety and reliability of the poultry equipment, and any unsafe factors should be eliminated in time;
  2. Regularly refuel or change the oil, and the phenomenon of dry rubbing cannot occur, so as to ensure that the oil pressure is always in normal loading and the oil circuit is smooth;
  3. Tools, etc. should be placed neatly, and lines and pipelines should be organized;
  4. Ensure that there will be no oil leakage or air leakage in all parts of the equipment to raise chickens. How should the Automatic chicken farming equipment be maintained to clean up the surrounding sundries?

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