Advantages of automatic egg collection system in poultry farming equipment

There are many types of poultry farming equipment. Automatic egg collection equipment is one of them. In a lot of chicken raising equipment there is a collection of egg system is very good practicability. And in the use of time is to reduce the number of manual use. And because it is automatic to pick up eggs, so there is no need to be stared at at any time, also do not need to worry about the chicken accidentally trampled on the eggs. Egg pickers have many advantages for chicken farms. Chicken farm equipment manufacturers will share the advantages of automatic egg collection equipment.



First, the materials used in poultry farming equipment are all good, and the material used to pick up the egg belt in chicken breeding equipment is polypropylene. Because the automatic egg picking machine mainly relies on the above egg picking belt to run. This kind of material has better bacterial resistance when it is used. Its surface even without any other treatment can also have a better acid and alkali resistance. And because it does not absorb water, it is not affected by the humidity and temperature of the surrounding environment. On the contrary, the egg collecting belt of this kind of material can avoid absorbing a lot of dust in the process of operation because it has certain antistatic effect.

Second, in the operation is to reduce the rate of egg breakage. The automatic egg collection system slowly adsorbs part of the ultrasound to the eggshell as it transports the eggs. This ensures that eggs are not easily damaged when they are picked up. It also ensures a very good cleaning effect for the eggs you pick up. Conversely, if it is simply rely on manual to pick up, it is impossible to ensure that the eggs are very clean. And manual when picking up eggs should also be light to avoid breaking, so in the operation will be more waste of time to reduce efficiency. And with the automatic egg picking equipment after picking up eggs will be more convenient.


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