Features of enclosed chicken coop

With the influence of external factors in the environment, chicken and poultry farming requires more and more relevant factors such as chicken battery cages for sale and chicken houses, and enclosed chicken houses are becoming more and more popular.

The top cover of the enclosed chicken house is well insulated from the four walls. Generally, there is no window and no fully enclosed. The temperature in the house is manually controlled and adjusted by various facilities to make it as close as possible to the needs of the growth of chickens and poultry. By changing the size of the ventilation and the speed of the airflow, the temperature, relative humidity and air composition in the house are adjusted.

The advantage of a closed chicken house is that it can eliminate the influence of natural external factors on the flock. The implementation of artificial light is beneficial to control sexual maturity and stimulate egg production. Basically, it can prevent natural vectors from introducing diseases. The feed remuneration has increased, the land utilization rate is high, the number of chickens and poultry raised per unit area is large, and the labor efficiency is also high.

The disadvantages are: high construction standards and equipment conditions, and high requirements for chicken feeding and management. It must be fed with full-price feed and extremely strict disinfection and epidemic prevention measures must be taken. In the event of a power outage, it will have a serious impact on production.

If the farmer has sufficient fund reserves, it is best to use fully automatic modern poultry farming equipment when your farming capacity is more than 50,000 chickens, so that your breeding process will be more convenient.