Five Attentions in Poultry Cage Breeding

Poultry cages have been widely used in poultry farms in various countries and have become a good helper for poultry farmers. But what should be paid attention to when using poultry equipment to raise chickens?

The first use of poultry equipment to raise chickens to buy chicken fry is not to choose chicken fry based on the price. The first choice is epidemic prevention, formal management, and a large-scale manufacturer that can provide breeding livestock and poultry production and operation licenses, veterinary hygiene licenses, and introduction certificates. It is also necessary to ensure that the parental seedlings of commercial chicken fry come from large-scale large-scale original breeding farms. The picture is cheap, which leads to no return.

Then the use of battery layer cages for breeding can not depend on the market to raise chickens. Raise more eggs if the price is high, don’t raise eggs if the price is low, or raise less. In recent years, the market cycle is difficult to grasp, leading to the “failure” of old experience. The chicken flock should be rationally transferred according to the actual equipment conditions and a breeding plan should be made.


strong layer chicken


The third poultry breeding is very important. Especially before laying hens, they must provide adequate nutrition for the laying hens.

The fourth point can not be ignored during the expected date of feeding. Transition from growing chicken feed to egg feed too early or too late can cause diarrhea in first-born chickens, and even paralyzed chickens, thin-skinned eggs, sand-preserved eggs, and more soft-shelled eggs. The pre-production feed should be used when the flock is between 16 weeks of age and 5% egg production.

The fifth point cannot ignore drinking water. Common trough water supply, the number of times of adding water is the same as the number of feedings, or sometimes when chickens get sick, the water is limited artificially because of thin manure. Lack of water will seriously affect the digestion and absorption of other nutrients. It is recommended that farmers use an automatic poultry drinking system and do not have to worry about the chicken drinking water.