Need to pay attention to the disinfection of the house

It is very important to sterilize the chicken house during the chicken raising process, but there are some precautions that we should know when cleaning the poultry farming equipment, so as to avoid some problems. It is important to know that disinfection of chicken farms is a good way to prevent and control the occurrence, spread and spread of infectious diseases. Only by formulating and adopting a complete set of strict disinfection measures can effectively eliminate
pathogens scattered on the environment, chicken surfaces and tools.


1, chicken house disinfection

After the last batch of chickens are sold or transferred out, chicken manure, litter, etc. should be collected. The house should be thoroughly cleaned and washed clean, and the sink and other utensils should be cleaned. The wall cleaning and washing should be carefully and carefully. The environment, without leaving a dead angle, after careful and thorough cleaning and cleaning, can not only remove 80% to 90% of pathogens, but also greatly reduce the amount of organic
matter such as feces, which is conducive to the role of chemical disinfectants.

2, chemical disinfection

Empty house disinfection generally requires 2 to 3 disinfectants to be disinfected 2 to 3 times. Only one disinfection or only one disinfectant can not be used for thorough disinfection because different pathogens are sensitive to different disinfectants.

3, with chicken disinfection

The chicken spray disinfection is completely comprehensive, which can directly kill the pathogenic microorganisms hidden in the air of the chicken house, and directly kill the pathogens in the chicken body surface and the respiratory tract. Method of disinfecting chickens: The first chicken with chicken disinfection is no less than 7 days old, and the time of re-sterilization can be determined according to the pollution situation in the poultry house. In addition, heatstroke prevention, humidity, air purification, and improvement of the environment of the chicken house are also beneficial to the health of the breeder in poultry equipment manufacturer in china.