Layer cage system in poultry farming equipment

Poultry equipment for layer cages in chicken farming are important. Because the poultry farming industry has been booming in recent years, which has promoted the development of poultry farming equipment. Because of the sharp increase in labor costs, among the automatic chicken raising equipment, the most widely used is the fully automatic stacked chicken raising equipment. The fully automatic poultry farming equipment has been widely recognized by the majority of layer farms. Therefore, a modern-scale chicken farm cannot be separated from the use of modern intelligent chicken-raising equipment. Modern intelligent chicken-raising equipment can be said to be the core of the normal operation of modern-scale chicken farms, while fully automatic battery poultry equipment is a modern layer chicken farm. Indispensable basic equipment for breeding.

Poultry brooding chicken cages are also easy to use. In the process of raising chickens, it is not necessary to replace the chicken raising equipment, so as to avoid the chickens from having a stress response, and also reduce labor costs for the farmers.

It is recommended that farmers buy poultry chicken cages as much as possible. They use hot-dip galvanizing technology, which is not only strong and has a long service life.

Farmers should also pay attention to daily maintenance, the service life will be very long, and the multi-layer design can raise a large amount at the same time, and it does not take up space. The battery chicken cages can be farmed together with a supporting nipple drinking system. Different sizes of chickens set different drinking water volumes, and the chicken cages are easy to rinse and disinfect.

The above is the poultry farming equipment shared by automatic poultry equipment manufacturers. Hope that through the above content, farmers have a deeper and more understanding of poultry equipment.