Problems in caged chickens and countermeasures

There are many kinds of chicken cages, which are provided for the convenience of farmers, but there are also many potential problems.

  • Lack of disinfection awareness. Disinfection is a more important link, which has a direct impact on the growth of chickens. However, many farmers neglect the disinfection work and only clean the surface of the chicken house without cleaning up the feces and other substances. Over time, more bacteria and toxins will appear,so they will affect the growth of chickens. This requires training and learning for farmers to enhance their awareness of disinfection.
  • Lack of vaccination awareness. Vaccines are a relatively common method of epidemic prevention, and some viruses cannot be controlled due to disinfection. The vaccine can restrain and eliminate such viruses, and can directly control the disease and prevent the disease. At present, some farmers do not have a good vaccination technique. When chickens are sick, they do not have the awareness of asking about the benefits, and blindly vaccinate them based on their own experience. It is easy to have the wrong medicine.
  • Lack of scientific management. Some chicken farmers are unable to feed the chicken cages reasonably, and do not design a raising plan according to the growth needs of the chicken. There are also some farmers who use anti-biotic drugs consumed by humans when chickens are sick, which leads to problems such as decreased immunity. This requires professionals to guide and correct the misconceptions of farmers, and lay the foundation for the sound development of the chicken industry.