Livi Machinery Company and Nigerian farmers, 35,000 layer chicken breeding cages successfully arrived in Africa

Recently, China’s Livi Machinery company successfully sold 35,000 layer chicken breeding cages to Nigerian farmers. In this journey across thousands of miles, Livi Machinery company demonstrated efficient international logistics capabilities and excellent transportation organization and management level to ensure the safe and timely arrival of the cage in Nigeria.
In order to ensure the smooth progress of the transportation process, Livi Machinery Company planned in advance, carefully organized, and took a series of effective measures:

  1. Develop a detailed transportation plan: According to the quantity, specifications, weight of the cages and the local logistics conditions in Nigeria, Livi Machinery Company has developed a detailed transportation plan to ensure seamless connection of all links.
  2. Optimize the packaging design: According to the characteristics of the breeding cage, Livi Machinery company has designed a special packaging scheme to ensure that the cage is not damaged during transportation. At the same time, optimizing packaging design also helps to improve transportation efficiency.
  3. Choose the right mode of transport: Combined with the transportation distance, time requirements and cost considerations, Livi Machinery company has chosen the sea, land and air multimodal transport mode to ensure that the breeding cage reaches the destination quickly.
  4. Strict quality supervision: During the transportation process, Livi Machinery Company has strengthened the supervision and inspection of the quality of the cages to ensure that the products can meet the needs of farmers after arrival in Nigeria.
  5. Provide whole-process tracking service: In order to ensure the smooth progress of the transportation process, Livi Machinery Company provides whole-process tracking service, maintains close communication with Nigerian farmers, and grasps real-time logistics information.
    With the careful organization of Livi Machinery Company, 35,000 egg-laying cages successfully crossed the border and arrived in Nigeria. This transportation successfully demonstrated the strength of Chinese enterprises in international logistics, and provided high-quality and efficient transportation services for Nigerian farmers.
    In the future, Livi Machinery will continue to deepen international production capacity cooperation and actively participate in the process of global agricultural modernization. In the process of expanding overseas markets, the company will continue to pay attention to market demand, give play to its technical advantages, and provide high-quality breeding equipment and solutions for the majority of farmers. At the same time, Livi Machinery will continue to improve the level of transportation organization and management, and provide efficient and reliable logistics services to customers around the world.

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