How to Reduce the Death of a Chick?

1. Strictly sterilize and prevent infection: Formalin fumigation for incubator rooms, brood chambers, eggs and various utensils can prevent chickens from infecting E. coli and Staphylococcus.
2. Drug prevention: Chicken flies and coccidiosis are the main causes of death in chickens. Adding 0.2% oxytetracycline to feeds before the age of 3 weeks of chicks has a specific effect on the prevention of ferrets; the addition of appropriate amounts of chlorpheniramine to the feed after 15 days of age can prevent coccidiosis.
3. Feeding sugar water: When chicks are allowed to drink 8% of sucrose water within 15 hours after hatching, the mortality rate of chicks can be reduced by 50%.

4. Adjust the density to prevent extrusion: Indoor large-scale brooding, should be adjusted as the chicken grows and the chicken density, to prevent the chickens crowded extrusion.
5. Careful management, balanced nutrition: Do not put together feed and pesticides; do not feed moldy feed; good indoor ventilation. During the brooding period, full-price balanced feed is provided to avoid nutrient imbalances or malnutrition.
6. Take strict care to prevent predators: Dogs and cats are strictly prohibited from stealing chicks. Block rat holes to prevent rat damage.