What are the benefits of chicken farming machinery

The development of many industries in life is inseparable from chicken raising machinery. What are the benefits of using chicken raising machinery

1. Increase feed nutrition chickens have been tired after a long period of laying and hot summers. After the fall, you should feed more animal protein feeds to subsidize chickens that have not yet moulted to continue laying eggs and promote moulted chickens. Quickly grow into feathers and resume production as soon as possible. Because the chicken’s nerves are very sensitive at this time, when adding more nutritious feed, it must be added slowly to prevent the chicken’s nerves from being stimulated and moulting will stop production.




2. Prevent colds and chicken pox when the weather turns cold after the fall, especially in the morning and evening, the temperature changes greatly, chickens are easy to catch a cold. The prevention of chicken diseases is first to prevent colds. A cold will reduce the resistance of chickens, and it is easy to be complicated by other infectious diseases, so it is not too early to put chickens into the sports field. Fowlpox mostly occurs in late autumn when the labor begins, and it mostly infects young chickens of that year. To avoid this disease, prevent it, focusing on preventing mosquitoes and moisture.


3. Update in time. Generally, laying hens are only used for 1 to 2 years, and the longest is only suitable for feeding for 3 years. First select the old and weak hens and raise them separately, and focus on raising them before moulting. The diet is provided according to the feeding standards of the hens during the rich season, and the light is increased to 14 to 16 hours to delay the moulting of the eliminated hens. When the egg volume drops below 60%, it can be sold for disposal.


4. Do a good job in epidemic prevention and deworming. The autumn climate conditions are suitable for pathogen activity and reproduction. Chicken flocks are prone to infectious diseases. At this time, a immunization injection should be carried out to raise chickens. Where is the convenience of the chicken raising machinery and drives out parasites.